Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tour de France - Intro.

Our summer adventure which now complete, we have titled "Minipips Tour de France". Like most Tours, we started in another country before making our way round a good chunk of France.

It was a composite adventure made up of a core, a new bikepacking route in France called the French Divide, a ride to get there from Bromsgrove in the UK, and a ride back along the Atlantic coast of France to get a ferry home.

In total it took 27 days to complete. We rode every day and covered distances from as little as 61kms to as much as 221kms.

Our total distance covered was over 3200kms or 2000 miles. We averaged 119 kms or 74 miles a day.

Like all of the best adventures, things didn't always go to plan, and the going could sometimes be described as tough. There were no tears though, and there was lots and lots of laughter.

Links to the individual posts are in order below.

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