Wednesday, August 31, 2016

French Divide - To Reims

The first checkpoint on the Divide was at Reims, and the day after leaving Bray Dunes, we put a big effort in to make some progress in that direction.

A misty start as the sun rises.

The route in the first part meandered between Belgium and France. The picture below is taken at the top of the Kemmelberg cobbles.

Whilst speaking of cobbles, there were plenty more to come that day, with many sections from the classic Paris Roubaix race.

As well as the obvious obstacle below, beyond, there were lots of brambles and nettles to negotiate also.

Plus an unavoidable section of paddling.

There was time to stop in the afternoon at a cafe for a drink as the weather started to warm up.

3 days after leaving Bray Dunes, we arrived in Reims. We were greeted by CĂ©line and Samuel, two of the French Divide's organisers.

Oh, and we ate some lunch.

Time for a quick bit of sight seeing.

Then it was time to head South towards the Morvan.

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