Friday, June 10, 2016

Not the Tour Divide, but the French Divide.

Today sees the start of the Tour Divide race. Our original plan was to be there, but for mostly school type reasons we couldn't make that. The plan B was to ride it on our own this summer, but due to other commitments, we were looking quite tight for time. So the decision was made to postpone our big trip until next year.

It's easy to have a bit of a downer when things don't go according to plan. We have been training, and are pretty fit. So we were looking hard for something big to do instead.

Our original plan was to go up to Scotland and to finish up the Highland Trail 550. Then I came across something new.

The French Divide.

"Just like the Great Divide, but in France. Connecting the northern french-belgian border and the southern french-spanish border. A bike trip mixing cyclo-cross and mountain biking roads following a part of the route of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle and without any assistance."

2100 Kilometres, with 27000 metres of climbing. 70% of gravel, with 30% on road.

Advertised highlights include the Belgian Kemmelberg, from the spring classic Gant Wevelgem. The Arenburg and other Paris Roubaix cobbles and the Tourmalet which is a favourite on the Tour de France.

Other highlights will include pastries from the Boulangerie most mornings, and the occasional bottle of Vin Rouge, and unlike the Tour Divide, there will be no bears to worry about.

More info on the route can be found on their French Divide site, or on their facebook page.


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  1. Félicitations à vous deux et profitez bien de cette chance de partager que vous avez décidée de vous créer.