Thursday, December 26, 2013

Strava Challenge Run 20+13 Day 3.

I was hoping Minipips was content doing the Rapha #festive500, but he reminded me this morning that we hadn't done any running the last couple of day towards the other current Strava challenge, Run 20+13 miles.

Sunshine, and a very frosty morning.

We ran through the village and up the side of the reservoir, with Minipips taking the higher variant.

After the reservoir we headed up William Clough, trying to keep our feet dry.

A quick picture at the col, then on towards Mill Hill.

At Mill Hill some homemade cheese scones for sustenance.

What should have been fast running from there, turned out to be a battle to stay upright. The path is made up with old mill floor slabs, which were all covered in ice. I'm glad we weren't on our bikes.

Minipips managed to lose a glove at one point, so we added a bit of extra distance by going back to find it.

Once off the hill, we took the shortest route home, we were supposed to be at Grannies for Boxing Day lunch 70 miles away in a couple of hours time. ( We just made lunch)

9.1 miles today. Which leaves 10 to do. Back on the bikes tomorrow though.

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