Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rapha #festive500 Part 5.

Another day, and another puncture to repair before we went anywhere.

We rode from home, and met a few of our running mates at the top of Chunal who were racing.

Past Moorfield, bypassing Glossop.

Up the Snake Pass with what little wind there was, at our behinds for once.

At the bottom of the Snake (after passing one of our mates on the way up) we took an out and back detour to Fairholmes to see the cascade from the dam. which wasn't happening today.

Minipips needed a bit of fuel before we hit the cafe.

At Hope we went to the Woodbine Cafe for a proper lunch. Minipips redeemed his free hot chocolate.
To qualify you have to be partaking in the #festive500 and be 8.

From Hope we rode through Castleton, then up the "broken road" past Mam Tor to Rushup Edge.

From Rushup, it was mostly downhill to the pub where we met my wife and daughter for some refreshments.

39.4 miles today.

Exactly 75% of the 500 done, with 2 days left.

The weather for the rest looks rubbish though. :)

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