Friday, July 19, 2013

Rapha Rising Day 6. "Le Fin"

With 6567 of the 7,235 metres already behind us, we didn't bother going for an early morning ride, knowing that we'd complete the rest in an evening ride.

The first part of the ride was off road as far as Rushup Edge to pick up the road to Mam Nick which is one of our regular rides.

Down once more into the Vale of Edale, and as with the first day we climbed back out of the valley via the 200 metre road climb back up to Mam Nick.

871 metres climbed on Strava today.


Rapha Rising: La Centième - Rank -1057/29,935

10 Rides in 6 Days.

7437 Metres Climbed .

298.6 Kms

School holidays now, and we're off somewhere with our bikes for a couple of weeks. If we find any hills I know there'll be none that Minipips can't ride up.