Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rapha Rising Day 4.

Ride 1.

Another early start, out of the door for 6:30 am. We repeated the route we did on Day 2. Easy road miles for the most part.

We bumped in to a couple of people we knew on the way round and stopped for a bit of a chat. This meant when we got home, Minipips had all of ten minutes to get changed before heading off for school.

Ride 2.

I usually have a plan of sorts, but Minipips rubbished the one I had for the evening. Instead he wanted to revisit the "Broken Road" we did on Day 1.

We varied our approach slightly this time. Though still sticking to the quietest roads possible.

As we have all week we pass the most lovely buildings. (Pevsner would have loved some of the stuff round here)

He's getting the hang of descending fast now, so I let him get over 30mph down Winnats before we hooked a left to his goal for the day.

After the Broken road we headed back towards Sparrowpit.

The hill from there down to the  A6, I've done over 50 in the past. We went down slower but not slowly. Minipips was nearly at the bottom (at full speed) when his front flatted. No dramas though, other than putting a 26" tube in a 24" wheel whilst the midges grazed on me.

An exact 1000 metres of hills which takes us too 5206 metres. 71% done.

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