Monday, December 31, 2012

Rapha #festive500 Day 8. Wet.

Some idiot realised whilst descending Chunal 37 mph that they'd left their waterproof jacket at home.

So today I would get very wet, and Minipips wouldn't.

Over the Snake Pass we went.

It felt a particularly long hill today.

 Woodbine Cafe in Hope for mid ride refreshments.

From Castleton we road up the broken road. Minipips wanted to go off road all the way back, but I just wanted to get home.

The last climb up Maynestone Road.

Then as we descend back into Hayfield the rain really comes down.

61 kilometres and 952 metres of ascent - Strava.

Making a grand total of 504 Kms and over 34 hours of riding time.

After the epic we had on day one, I am amazed we made it.

Minipips says he's off to the park with his bike tomorrow.


  1. He's like the energizer bunny :) You must have frozen today Rich, it's been properly grim.

  2. It was pretty grim, thankfully we weren't out too long. We were on a mission though.

  3. Not sure how I found this blog, but I love it! Great stuff. Was looking for blogs to follow in the new year to provide me with inspiration/motivation to hopefully complete the LEL 1400k ride in July. Awesome stuff!

  4. Thanks Tim. Good luck with your LEL training, I was thinking of doing it too. This weeks riding suggests my knees may not be up to it though.

  5. Yay, well done to both of you.

    but more important things, that hot choc looks amazing, you might have to take me on a ride to that cafe!

  6. Congratulations on both of you finishing the Festive 500. That's quite an accomplishment.

  7. Just found your blog via Polocini's tweet. Have to take my hat off to you 2, that is an amazing effort, great pics of minipips, is he always smiling on the bike!? Brilliant.

  8. Hi Dave,


    He didn't smile all the time, but he doesn't mind a bit of our lovely winter Derbyshire weather.

  9. An incredible ride!!

    My son Max is also an extremely keen cyclist, please checkout

    If minipips would like to join us this year when we ride 400miles to Paris for the last day of the Tour De France he would be most welcome!!

    Best Wishes,
    Rob Wellstead

  10. Hi Rob, It sounds great what you and Max are doing. We've got half a plan to cross the Pyrenees this summer, but thanks for the offer.

    We'll follow your blog and let you know if we can join you.