Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rapha #Festive500 Day 4.

We were back on target for the #festive500, today was to be an easy day of canal towpaths and generally easy peasy riding. A convoluted loop often touching somewhere we'd been before but, why not? Comfort riding.

Before we left I had to fix a relict flat tyre from yesterday. 4 hawthorns worth of damage.

We bimbled through New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Buxsworth all off road and lovely, we even saw a couple of herons.

From there we headed again to Whaley, this time on the road to then make our route along the canal again further North to Romiley.

British Waterways must have been busy since we last came this way a week since, as there was hedge debris all over the towpath. Try as we did to avoid, we both punctured. Between us 4 times. One of which was one of those "I've got all the thorns out" , "Err, no, obviously I haven't".

By the time we reached the Polocini Coffee Shop the day had all gone a bit wrong and though Minipips wasn't much bothered I thought otherwise.

Thankfully at Polocini HQ they had a track pump to get our tyres up to the proper pressure, and Al gave us a tube just in case to get us back home.

We left after Cake, a fine sandwich made with homemade bread, and warm drinks. Humour restored.

From there we headed over to Glossop and then back home, short on daylight.

We even failed at the pub at the end as I'd not brought enough money out with us.

55.9 kilometres which considering our time out should have been a lot more.

Still we're 49% there for the #festive500 . 4 days down 4 to go.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

PS. I went home for pub money.

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  1. That lad s earnt his pint after all that riding,brilliant.