Saturday, December 28, 2013

Strava Challenge Run 20+13 Day 4 + Rapha #festive500 Part 4.

We've been making good progress with both of the challenges so far. Today we added a few more miles to both challenge totals.

First off we went for a run.

Minipips managed to get one of his shoes stuck in a bog.

The high point of our run.

5.8 miles run. Which leaves 4 miles to do.

Once back home I found out that I had a puncture, so had to sort that before we headed out on our bike ride.

Today a different disused railway, the Monsal Trail.

At Hassop we stopped for the cafe, but the queue was so long that we sacked that off in favour of one in Bakewell.

From Bakewell we rode back to Wye Dale, then turned round and did it all again.

We did stop for afternoon tea though.

The best sunset we've seen this week.

A nice easy 35 miles. Only 187 Kms left to do.

In the last 6 days we've done 24 hours of exercise.

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