Sunday, December 22, 2013

Strava Challenge Run 20+13 Day 1.

As Minipips isn't a regular runner today was going to be a bit of an unknown. So I had a plan, though with lots of escape options, which as it turned out we didn't need.

We ran though the village and up the Kinder valley before taking to the hills. We ran at a steady pace, and as the hills steepened we even walked some bits.

Whilst on the Red Brook path that would take us up to the Kinder Plateau the sun came out.

Minipips was showing no sign of tiring so we kept on going towards Kinder Downfall.

We made it most of the way round the skyline of the picture above, before dropping back to the village for cake and hot chocolate in the cafe.

8.6 miles run.

A lot further than I thought we would do, and in loads less time too.

Hopefully our legs won't be too battered tomorrow.

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