Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Rapha #festive500 Part 2.

A leisurely start to the morning, though we did have to wash yesterday's muck of the bike before we got on the road.

Over to the Polocini Coffee Shop to meet some friends.

Minipips wasn't happy that there would be no hot chocolate or cake today.

From there we rode on surprisingly busy roads out to Cheshire.

We didn't buy any eggs.

A pleasant loop at a steady pace, then we parted company with our friends and headed home to get ready for our Xmas dinner.

45.6 miles 1/3 rd done with 6 days to go.

We hope you all have a good Christmas.


  1. Good luck with the last 2/3s! You're putting me to shame. I'm bailing - first day my gps was not with its charger, so couldnt record those miles. Then I've been struck with lurgy. Did a hilly 50k today, but feel terrible, so I guess I'll just have to try again next year.
    Enjoy the rest of the rides!

  2. Thanks Georgie. Bad news about the lurgy. It's not a good time of year for bugs, in fact we were all cast low just over a week ago. I hope you're better and back on your bike again soon.

    Rich and Tom.