Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rapha #festive500 Part 1.

Before we departed this morning we jokingly put the picture below on twitter. The forecast was for a bit of wind but unlike our first day last year, dry. So no rain lashed faces today.

We drove a few miles to our starting place, parked the car up, and it started to snow. Minipips screams "SNOW !!!!". As we rolled down the first few miles of trail, his enthusiasm for snow departed. This was probably due to the snow being driven at speed by the wind in to his face. Not funny.

Our plan for the day was to use two disused railway lines, which are now known as the Tissington, and the High Peak trails.

Visit either of these trails in summer and in good weather and you will  be far from alone. However pick most any day in winter and these trails are deserted.

Our first out and back is down to Middleton Top. The wind seems to come from most directions, but these turbines weren't turning.

At Middleton Top we turn round and head back to Parsley Hey. (Worth noting, none of the cafes are open this time of year)

No more precipitation now, instead proper sunshine.

At Parsley Hey we stopped for lunch. We'd spotted this building on our way South. Apparently it was built by Croatian stonemasons, in their local building style. It looked ace, but it could have done with two windows and a door. It was colder inside than out.

Having eaten lunch, and got really cold, we head south again. The wind has picked up, and is right in our faces. A tough few miles until we get some tree shelter near Tissington.

At Ashbourne, a quick photo and more food, then it's time to take advantage of the wind to help us back homewards.

Not warm, but you can't beat a bit of winter sun.

As darkness fell and we neared the car, it started to snow again.

Perfect timing.

92 out of 500 Km done.

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