Friday, July 19, 2013

Rapha Rising Day 6. "Le Fin"

With 6567 of the 7,235 metres already behind us, we didn't bother going for an early morning ride, knowing that we'd complete the rest in an evening ride.

The first part of the ride was off road as far as Rushup Edge to pick up the road to Mam Nick which is one of our regular rides.

Down once more into the Vale of Edale, and as with the first day we climbed back out of the valley via the 200 metre road climb back up to Mam Nick.

871 metres climbed on Strava today.


Rapha Rising: La Centième - Rank -1057/29,935

10 Rides in 6 Days.

7437 Metres Climbed .

298.6 Kms

School holidays now, and we're off somewhere with our bikes for a couple of weeks. If we find any hills I know there'll be none that Minipips can't ride up.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rapha Rising Day 5.

Ride 1.

Up Highgate Road again. I'm beginning to really dislike this hill. It's 2 minutes from home, and kicks up steeply from the bottom, so we're never warmed up for it.

Back into the village then, puncture number two of the week. Just what you need when you're short of time.

Only time for one more hill now, we headed up Sitch Lane then up past Barking Dog farm.

We arrived home with 5 minutes to spare before leaving for school.

322 metres on Strava.

Ride 2.

I'd felt ill most of the day, maybe a bit dehydrated, but whatever, I did not want to go out riding.

Instead we bought a load of biscuits, cake and Coke to scoff, and settled down to watch the last bit of Le Tour.

Once it had finished we set out on our bikes with half hearted intent on my part.

Eating and drinking all that rubbish was obviously just what I needed, as soon I felt the best I had all day.

Minipips as ever just keeps on plodding up the hills though.

The highlight of the ride was the climb from Coombs up to Castle Naze. It looks on the map as if it'll be innocuous but it's a harsh mile of climbing. Minipips rode it all.

1039 metres of climbing.

Tomorrow, a lie in. Only 668 metres to go now.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rapha Rising Day 4.

Ride 1.

Another early start, out of the door for 6:30 am. We repeated the route we did on Day 2. Easy road miles for the most part.

We bumped in to a couple of people we knew on the way round and stopped for a bit of a chat. This meant when we got home, Minipips had all of ten minutes to get changed before heading off for school.

Ride 2.

I usually have a plan of sorts, but Minipips rubbished the one I had for the evening. Instead he wanted to revisit the "Broken Road" we did on Day 1.

We varied our approach slightly this time. Though still sticking to the quietest roads possible.

As we have all week we pass the most lovely buildings. (Pevsner would have loved some of the stuff round here)

He's getting the hang of descending fast now, so I let him get over 30mph down Winnats before we hooked a left to his goal for the day.

After the Broken road we headed back towards Sparrowpit.

The hill from there down to the  A6, I've done over 50 in the past. We went down slower but not slowly. Minipips was nearly at the bottom (at full speed) when his front flatted. No dramas though, other than putting a 26" tube in a 24" wheel whilst the midges grazed on me.

An exact 1000 metres of hills which takes us too 5206 metres. 71% done.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rapha Rising Day 3.

Both of us struggled to get up this morning, so we'd not a lot of time for our first ride of the day.

Still we made the best of the time we had, and did an out and back on the Pennine Bridleway out towards South Head.

213m of ascent on Strava

Ride 2.

A swifter get away after school today, but wow the weather was hot. We didn't rush anywhere once riding.

Super dry trails meant traction was often tricky on the rocky bits.

We couldn't resist a visit to the top of the hill, which is slightly off piste.

Once one makes exceptions, I guess you can ride where you like though. ;)

643 metres done this afternoon with all the climbs off road. Over 50% done now. Strava says Minipips at 8 years old has a current rank in the Rapha Rising: La Centième of 1596/20746.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Rapha Rising Day 2.

For the first ride of day two, we had to rise early. I'm not an early riser unlike Minipips, but needs must. The only way we'd get enough riding time on his school days was to get up early and get some altitude in before he went to school.

Initially we'd joked that hill reps up the nearest hill would be good, but instead we opted for three different hills, with a bit of off road too.

Another sunny day, though not too warm yet.

Out of the door for 6:30 am, and back for 8.

469 metres of up on Strava

Ride number 2 of the day left the house at 4:30pm. We had an original plan which was radically changed so we may meet some friends on Long Hill a bit later.

So instead we found a new to us Bridleway.

The bridleway even had some cobbles.

The weather was not as hot as it has been, but we stopped often for drinkies.

We met our friends at 6:30 and rode till 8:30. Other than the rush hour traffic, another great ride.

1133 metres of climbing this evening, which means we're already 39% of the way to our goal.

Strava route here.

Rapha Rising Day 1.

Minipips always likes a challenge. So when I said I was going to to the Rapha Rising Challenge he decided he was going to do it too.

Unlike the Rapha Festive 500 where the goal was distance, this challenge has a target of altitude to climb. 7,235 metres to be exact and 8 days in which to do it.

Living where we do in the Peak District, where every ride involves hills this would be fairly easy to achieve. Except we're going to have to fit the riding round his last week of school for this year.

Nice quiet roads for the first part of our ride.

The challenging Mam Tor "broken road" before our second descent of Winnats Pass, and a lunch stop at the Woodbine Cafe in Hope.

Refuelled and raring to go at the foot of the climb up to Mam Nick.

The first time he's made it to the top of this hill without having to have a rest.

Le Grimpeur.

A nice steady day out in the glorious sunshine.

1267 metres of climbing, 17% of our total done.

Our ride on Strava.