Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rapha #Festive500 Day 6.

If one picture sums up conditions today on day 6 of our Rapha #festive500, then the one below is it, except you can't see the wind.

Still we rode, again towards Ashbourne on the Tissington trail.


Tunnels are ace places to eat Haribo, oh and that's rain on his face, not tears of joy.

At Ashbourne we waited 5 minutes for Amy who is also doing the #festive500 .

After lunch in Costa, we all rode back up the trail together.

An old building made a nice shelter to get out of the rain, just before the last few Kms.

Strava says we did 60.7km today.

393 of 500 km done, with two days to go.


  1. Thanks for the company, today was definetly my favourite day so far!

  2. Is it safe to assume that overshoes don't come in exactly the right size for Minipips? :-)

  3. They are a little on the big size, they do the job though.