Sunday, December 16, 2012

Monsal Trail Cycle Ride.

We were planning on going on a ride with some other folk over in Macclesfield forest today, but somebody forgot to set their alarm last night.

So running late and realising that we wouldn't make the depart in time, we opted instead to go and ride the Monsal Trail again.

Another nice easy ride, with all bar the last bit into Bakewell where we had lunch being off road. It was great to see some other kids out riding their bikes too today.

It was bloomin chilly out, I had to buy a hat in Bakewell for our return journey as I'd not brought one with. Minipips had remembered his though.
33.2 Kilometres and 300 metres of climbing. Though I have to say the gradient of the disused railway is such, that it feels flat.

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