Thursday, January 11, 2018

Rapha Festive 500 2017.

Tom and I have done the Rapha Festive 500 a number of times now. This year though my daughter Skye wanted to have a go at the challenge.

Skye doesn't generally do bikes, so it was great that she wanted to come along.

Like last year we had come to Mallorca. Unlike last year though, there was now a Rapha clubhouse to come and drink coffee and ask advice as to where would be some good flat riding.

The first day we headed out along the coast and Skye was loving it. Tom made it his job to look after Skye, and make sure she was having a good time.

The next day Skye's legs were feeling the 89km we'd done the day previously, but she was back on the bike nonetheless.

Our half way for the day was Andratx, and by then Skye's legs were not happy. By the time we'd got back, Skye had cycled 166 km in two days. Quite an achievement for a non cyclist, and that was enough for her.

The next day Tom and I headed into the hills in somewhat changeable weather.

It was good to come across some of our Instagram buddies Brigitte and John who we'd not met before.

Day 4 and we met up at the Rapha store for a guided ride. An international peloton made up of we two Brits, 2 Dutch and a Finn.

Day 5 and we rode out again with some guys from the Rapha shop, before peeling off after 50Km to do some exploring.

It wasn't really ice cream weather but that didn't mean it didn't go down well.

Day 6 was the day before we were flying home, and there were less than 40km left to ride. We ambled along the coast, then back to the Rapha shop for coffee.

Our Festive 500 was done.

Back home, the following weekend, we picked up our badges from the Rapha store in Manchester.

Festive 500 number 5.

A big thank you to the staff at Rapha Mallorca for showing us round, and being so welcoming.

See you next year!

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