Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Tour de France 1955 - A story to tell.

We've been back from France for two days now. Our ride a homage to the 1955 Tour de France finished.

Some figures for those that like to quantify numerically. 34 days riding. 1 rest day. 4744 km ridden. 54,310 metres climbed. 11 days where we rode in excess of 160 km. Average 139 km.

A friend said recently at a talk we did, "you make it all sound so easy". This ride wasn't easy. There was pain, illness, though in the main it was a real pleasure.

This trip rather than a blog or a series of blog posts deserves some words printed on paper along with some accompanying pictures.

When the kids are back at school expect a crowdfunding campaign. ;)

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