Monday, June 1, 2015

Highland Trail 2015 Day 1.

The alarm went off at 6, and though we thought we were organised for a quick get away, it wasn't until 7:05am that we rolled out of Tyndrum. Marion and Kevin had come along to see us off and took these pictures. Thanks!

It rained quite heavily for the first couple of hours. I felt the rain was saying to us, do you really want to do this?

Heading toward Rannoch Moor the weather improved and we stopped for some food and a drink.

From there, a steady climb, and then a blast downhill to near the Glen Coe ski centre.

At the Kingshouse we were planning on a hot drink, but their power was out, so onwards to the first big climb of the day, the Devil's Staircase.

Tom rode more of the climb than I due to his lower gear, but there was plenty of bits where we both had to push. We took it nice and steady.

The descent was a hoot, and we were soon in Kinlochleven for lunch.

Revived by cheese and ham toasties, it was time for the other big climb of the day.

Some pushing low down, followed by a steady grind upwards.

The next obstacle, is the crossing of the Abhainn Rath, which was somewhat deeper than it was in 2014.


After that bit of excitement, and my unfinished sentences, then followed the boggy trudge along side the river.

Some hours later, or so it seemed and we were back riding, on our way towards Ossian YHA.

We stopped at the YHA and had more food and drink. We both felt fine, the weather was good, so just kept on riding.

Into the night we rode, now with our Exposure Toro lights illuminating the way. Last year from Ossian to where we were planning on spending the night seemed to last little time. This year it took around 4 hours. In retrospect this was not the wisest decision. The lure of a bothy to stay in was enough to keep us going  though.

A big first day with 85 miles ridden.

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