Monday, June 1, 2015

Highland Trail 2015 Day 6.

A day of two parts. The first being 47 miles of road which was quite a chore on laden mountain bikes.

These miles though took us once again to the Pizza place in Fort Augustus. At ~4pm we had eaten, and it was pouring down outside. It would have been very easy to say that was enough for one day. Instead though we headed back outisde and rode straight into the wind towards Fort William, once again on the Highland Trail route.

The weather was so poor that day the only picture I took was when we had our supper in McDonalds and that isn't worth republishing.

Supper eaten we fired up the Exposure lights and headed up Glen Nevis to find the caampsite.

By the time we had put our Alpkit Ordos 2 tent up at 9:30pm in the pouring rain we had ridden 82 miles.

One more day should see us back to Tyndrum.

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