Monday, June 1, 2015

Highland Trail 2015 Day 4.

We managed to get the tent packed up before it started raining, but rain it did.

The 25 miles to Oykel Bridge for lunch seemed to have a constant head wind interspersed by heavy rain storms.

A rare moment when the sun was out.

At the Oykel Bridge Hotel we had some food and saw Tom, the eventual winner, who spoke of gale force winds and freezing temperatures up North. I was glad we weren't venturing up there on this trip.

Fed, we headed South for Ullapool.

The weather was kinder in the afternoon, and other than going the wrong way shortly after taking the photo below all was good..

Arriving in Ullapool we'd done 50 miles for the day.

It was time to put the tent up, then go and eat curry.

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