Monday, June 1, 2015

Highland Trail 2015 Day 3.

We were lying in bed, contemplating getting up when we had a visitor.

Alan Goldsmith called in to say hello. Alan was the first of the racers we had seen, though we'd heard somoene come in late and disappear before we got up. It was good to see him.

Once up and getting ready to leave we saw a few other folk too some of whom stopped for a chat.

All this coming and going of people in the early morning must have distracted me, as instead of rubbing chamois cream into the inside of my shorts, I rubbed it into the outside. This amused Tom greatly!

The weather was a mixed bag that day, though I do recall plenty of wind. We also met lots of riders.

At Contin we met more riders who had stopped for their last restock of food, and whilst we topped up our supplies too, I'd already made the decision, that when we arrived at Oykel Bridge, that we would not head up on to the Northern loop, but instead would head South on the original Highland Trail 440 loop. The time and weather weren't on our side.

By the end of the day we'd travelled 59 miles. We camped in the lee of some old farm buildings at Lubachlaggan, the first night on this trip that we'd slept in the Alpkit Ordos 2 tent. It was a cool wet and windy night, but we slept well.