Monday, June 1, 2015

Highland Trail 2015 Day 2.

Yesterday I had let our enthusiasm get the better of us. I knew that today we'd have to have an easy day to recover from the 17 1/2 hours we'd spent on the bike the day before.

The sun was out, we had slept well and our spirits were high.

We headed over the Corrieyairack Pass towards Fort Augustus.

Tom was amused to be making snowballs in the last week of May.

Nearing the top of the pass he had to push his bike through the snow too.

The reward for the big climb was Pizza in Fort Augustus. The waiter joked that Tom wouldn't finish his. He did, and then ate two slices of mine.

From Fort Augustus we rode quite slowly for a while, mainly because Tom's stomach was so full. Today wasn't a day for rushing anyway after the previous day's exertions.

Tom loved the challenge of riding the beach alongside Loch ma Stac most of which he managed.

We had a quick look inside this spooky building at the end of the loch.

Some good riding then to our lodgings for the night.

Just what we needed a nice fire and a good nights sleep after.

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