Moda CX Bike.

Minipips current steed is a 24" Moda Minor X . We bought it in September 2012, and to date he's done well over 500 miles on it. So here's a short review.

Other than making sure the bike fits him, the next consideration is a bikes weight. The Moda weighs 9.5Kg, slightly more than the Islabikes Luath 24" , but he mch preferred the look, and the idea of front and rear shifters.

We bought ours from Trikudu who offered a fast efficient service, and a price much lower than the rrp.

We live in the Peak District, and within half an hour I realised that the first thing to do was to change the cassette for a mountain bike one with a largest sprocket of 32. With this he can get up most stuff round here.

The bike comes with Microshift Centos Junior STI levers which he persevered with. Braking was fine,  but the throw of the shifters was too big for his hands.

I swapped them out after a few weeks for some SRAM brake levers and Dura Ace 9 speed bar end shifters I had in my spares box. This combination suits him much better.

Overall a well thought out bike that he loves riding. I'm sure it was money well spent. It is his pride and joy, and I'm sure he's going to have lots more miles of fun out riding it.


  1. Your stories are amazing, inspiring and your adventures are brilliant. I found your site via the link an Raphas FB page, so glad I did. Minipips seems a top little guy and good on you for spending quality time with him.

  2. Hi, I've just got one of these for my daughter and am also thinking about changing the cassette. Can you tell me if the rear mech was ok with the 32T sprocket?

  3. Hi Geoff, we changed it for a 9sp XT mountain bike mech, which has a longer cage.

  4. Loving the website guys! Inspiring stuff.