Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Highland Trail 550 - Part 2

Day 3.

A good night's sleep followed by the sun greeting us as we put away the tent. A good start to the day.

We were making good time. In the picture below is the place we stopped at the end of day 3 two years ago.

We made it Oykel Bridge in good time for lunch which was excellent.

All we needed to do before heading into the Northern loop was to fit some new brake pads.

Tom removed the old pads, and quickly realised that the pads we had bought were not the right ones. Tom has an excellent handle on bike specs usually, but had made a mistake on this occasion.

His bike had more pads left than mine. Mine were just about down to the metal. The nearest bike shop in our direction of travel was 100s of miles away. It was looking like we were doomed again?

I thought about the descents that we would encounter, and there were lots. We weren't giving up though, the brakes would have to last.

Into the Northern loop we rode.

The odd shower along the way, but otherwise a lovely afternoon.

At Glen Golly we decided to pitch our tent on a windy knoll to avoid the midges.

Day 4

From Glen Golly we go up. Steep up.

We feel fortunate to be here.

Eventually we get to Bealach Horn, the point where we start heading South.

We fly down the descent towards Achfary.

Some food at the bottom, oh and the discovery that my water bottle has ejected itself somewhere on the fast descent.

After a stiff climb out of Achfary we hit a road section.

The road takes us South along the coast road We stop at Drumbeg stores for lots of food, before heading onwards to Lochinver.

We arrive in Lochinver to be greeted by pouring rain. We take shelter in the Lochinver Pie shop, oh and eat more food.

We miss the worst of the rain, and head the few miles to Suileag bothy to rest for the night. We set the alarm for 4:30am

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