Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kendal Mountain Festival - Best Adventure Sport Film!

We'd been invited to Kendal Mountain Festival as Dom Bush's film commissioned by Alpkit as part of their Mountain Journal series had been shortlisted in the film awards.

Tom's film was to be shown at a number of venues over the weekend. Tom had been specifically asked to attend two screenings, one at the Bike Night and the other at one of the Family Adventure sessions.

Pre bike night, we attended the Santa Cruz drinks and nibbles party. Tom took the opportunity to have a picture taken with Danny MacAskill.

After that bit of excitement we were seated next to Danny MacAskill's parents for the Bike Evening.

Tom's film was shown fairly early on in the evening, and we were told that Dom had earlier received the award for best "Adventure Sport" film for his and Tom's film.

 Here's Dom showing Tom the award.

Tom has a microphone in his hand as he was being interviewed by Ed and Aneela in front of a pretty big crowd. Afterwards, Danny's parents congratulated him on his performance. His parents and I agreed it was ace that our kids were doing something that they loved.

At the after party Tom got to meet another of our sports greats Martyn Ashton.

Note Tom is only holding my beer as I'm taking their picture!

Though having said that Tom later became involved in a drinking game with Danny and some of his pals. Apparently Danny owes him a shot when Tom is 18. :)

I think Tom had a pretty special weekend. A big thanks to all who made it happen.

Special thanks to Jen and Paul for putting us up, and driving us home before it all got too messy. ;)

Oh, and of course a link to the film.

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