Monday, May 16, 2016

South Lakeland #Jennride

Rich Munro came up with an excellent idea. Get some people together who were friends of Jenn, and go for a big bike ride in the Lakes.

We assembled in Staveley on Saturday morning along with around 100 others. The route was 100 miles, and it was clear by the luggage carried, or not that there those who were not going to stop, and those that were making a weekend of it. We were with the latter group.

Above,Tom and two of our fellow Team JMC members Phil and Jacqui Simcock.

On couldn't have asked for better weather, though we could have done without the pinch flat going down the Garburn Pass. Off course I shouldn't have been riding so fast.

Unusually for a long ride, we weren't in any rush. It was great riding along and chatting with others, and we stopped more than once for a cafe stop.

At this old quarry along with some others we tried to see how far in we could ride without getting wet feet. The answer not very far.

Just below those hills in the distance would be our next stop.

At the Old Dungeon Ghyll along with a number of the other Barebones forum members we had a drink and our supper. Then rode on as far as Hawkshead for a nightcap before heading up into Grizedale Forest for the night.

The forecast was for a cold night. We were toasty warm in our Alpkit Ordos tent though.

Once again, another cracking day.

We weren't smiling a few minutes later when we got another puncture, shortly followed by another. Thankfully as we were about to put in our last tube, Tony turned up with a puncture repair kit. We were good to go again, but all the time wasted with punctures meant that we'd be in for a long day if we completed the rest of the route. So we did the right thing. We sat in a cafe for a couple of hours chatting with some fellow riders, then caught the ferry  across Lake Windemere before riding the last few miles back to Staveley.

Great to catch up with old friends, and to make some new ones too.

Same again next year please Rich!