Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#RaphaRising 2014 Day 3

We missed a day yesterday, so there was a bit of pressure to get some riding in today.

After school, some food and drink was consumed. Once refreshed, we rode.

Local bridleways to get a bit of extra height, and to avoid the busy roads, before heading for the big climb of the day. Oh, and time for a sneaky KOM enroute.

Holme Moss is one of the bigger hills round here, and we are proud to say, has featured in the current Tour de France. Minipips has ridden up here before though not in such pleasant weather. The sun hid temporarily for the pic below though.

We were looking forward to the graffiti at the top of the hill, and it didn't disappoint.

Over to the county of my birth for  refreshments, then a ride back up Holme Moss from t'other side.

That'll do for a school day.

1159 metres on Strava.

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