Sunday, July 27, 2014

Oh go on then, #RaphaRising 2014 Day 8

Even though we'd done enough the day before, we couldn't resist another ride in the sun.

Tom took a picture of me.

Minipips making the climb out of the Roych look easy.

The final numbers

Check the tan lines.

A thoroughly enjoyable few days riding.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

#RaphaRising 2014 Day 7 - The End?

An earlier start meant we managed to ride through all of the hottest bits of the day.


I got a phonecall to collect my wife and daughter from the train station late afternoon, we headed home.

Had we done enough to finish the challenge? Oh, 2 metres short.

Minipips insisted we went out again.

Job done, we retired to the pub with the girls.

8857 metres, 370 Kilometres, in 3 minutes short of 27 hours.

#RaphaRising 2014 Day 6

Minipips was bored with the road.

Over Jacobs Ladder to Barber Booth on our mountain bikes.

From there, to some friends in Edale, via Mam Nick once again.

Near Edale some refresments at my mates, and then a challenge

Neil had set up a KOM from the main road up to his house, so Tom, then I had a go at it. We borrowed more suitable bikes. Tom made it into the top ten. :)

A bit more still to do, and two days to do it. 7443/8880 metres

A couple of Neil's pics of us going for the KOM ;)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

#RaphaRising 2014 Day 5

Another hot one.

A big sky day.

Some techy off road to the South Head Col.

Picked up an email whilst grabbing a drink that there was a prototype Genesis Longitude at 18 Bikes in Hope. So over there next via a couple of other hills. Nice bike.

From Hope, up Pindale road, and Minipips does his best grimpeur grimace.

1131 metres today, which takes us up to 72% of our needed total.

Current world ranking 2721/35655

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#RaphaRising 2014 Day 4

We went for a longish ride today in order to get back on track with #rapharising challenge.

Blimey it was hot! There was lots of stopping for drinks enroute, and chips in Macc.

The old road from Whaley Bridge to Buxton, which is no longer suitable for cars. Ace!

There were bilberries galore in the Goyt Valley.

87.2km and 1,885

59% done now.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#RaphaRising 2014 Day 3

We missed a day yesterday, so there was a bit of pressure to get some riding in today.

After school, some food and drink was consumed. Once refreshed, we rode.

Local bridleways to get a bit of extra height, and to avoid the busy roads, before heading for the big climb of the day. Oh, and time for a sneaky KOM enroute.

Holme Moss is one of the bigger hills round here, and we are proud to say, has featured in the current Tour de France. Minipips has ridden up here before though not in such pleasant weather. The sun hid temporarily for the pic below though.

We were looking forward to the graffiti at the top of the hill, and it didn't disappoint.

Over to the county of my birth for  refreshments, then a ride back up Holme Moss from t'other side.

That'll do for a school day.

1159 metres on Strava.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

#RaphaRising 2014 Day 2

A very different day from Saturday. Sunshine. Summer had returned.

From our village we were soon heading up the first of the hills of the day, much cheerier. than yesterday.

Our first stop was at the "No Car Cafe" for brunch. From there we headed down Winnats Pass before climbing back up the road which Mam Tor shrugged of its shoulder.

We repeated that 3 times.

Minipips suggested on the third rep as we passed the just closed new cafe near Blue John Mine, that we might head over to Edale next.

Time for a cool drink, or two.

From there back up the last descent, Mam Nick from Edale.

There was a time, that I could take a photo, get back on my bike and easily catch my boy........

.....that is no longer the case.

Our ride's profile for the day.

Strava says we're 24% done now. Current Rank 5731/24345

School and a rare visit to the cinema after that, so probably a day off riding tomorrow.

#RaphaRising 2014 Day 1

We've had weeks of lovely weather here recently.

Of course as this latest challenge kicked of the weather went a bit bonkers. The preceding night was a melee of thunder and lightning, with the morning not bringing much better.

Our plans to do "lots" of hill, turned into doing a few hills.

Still, we've made a start. 614 metres :)

Oh and Minipips crashed his bike. He broke late and hit the tarmac.

More tomorrow.