Friday, October 25, 2013

A Mini Bikepacking Adventure.

Next week we're going to do the classic C2C over a couple of days and we've bought some new kit that we are planning on taking along.

So with a weather forecast of strong winds and rain last night, we left our warm house and rode up a hill a few miles away from home to put our stuff to the test.

We'd not got to the end of the road before Minipips noted that his front bag was dragging on his front wheel. This was temporarily sorted, but we learned that because of his small bike this carrying solution was not going to be up to the job. So back to a classic bar mounted bar bag for him I guess.

Somewhere on the internet I learned that instead of packing the bivy bag and sleeping bag seperately, instead one should store the sleeping bag inside the bivy bag. So if it was raining, and it was, you could quickly get inside your bivy bag and be warm. Minipips was in his shelter like a flash. I was quite amused that he could actually sit up in his.

The wind howled most of the night accompanied by squalls of rain which didn't exactly make for a peaceful night for me. Though Minipips slept through it all.

We did both though stay warm and dry. My 8am alarm suggested we got up which we did after eating the home made muffins we'd brought along for breakfast.

Minipips crumb management requires some work.


  1. Glad Minipips enjoyed his bivi Rich, hope these winds calm down for you this week.
    Why is it that youngsters can sleep straight through a wet and windy night, I don't have children myself but have taken my mate and his son out a couple of times and Luke just sleeps straight through the night

    1. John, It took me a good couple of hours to nod off even though I'd brought a small flask of medicinal with me. Tom was asleep in minutes. If the weather isn't too good next week I have a bunkhouse lined up for us. I won't be enthused about two long days cycling without a decent nights sleep in between.