Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Ride with the Big Boys.

Since the #festive500 we've not done much on the bikes other than one visit to the local skate park, to try out Minipips new mountain bike.

Today we went for a ride with some of my mates from Marple, them on mountain bikes, and us on our cross bikes.

Here's the obligatory group ride puncture picture.

Oh, and the title for this post should really read big boys, and a girl (sorry Jane).

Julian was our guide for the day, and he showed us lots of trails that neither Minipips or I had been on before.

I wasn't sure if Minipips would be able to keep up with the pace, but he did just fine. He was unused to the ride a bit then regroup (and have a chat) vibe of the ride, and was heard to say at one point "less chatting, more riding" to much amusement from the others.

He had his first major off in a while riding down some earth and wood steps. One of the steps was a good deal bigger than the others, and he gracefully went over the bars before landing on his helmet. Slightly shaken, he was soon back on his bike, and took a little more care when we encountered some other steps later in the ride.

Our route took us to just South of Hyde before heading up the only real hill of the day, Werneth Low.

Here's Minipips just before the summit.

Thanks Karl for giving the boy a drink. (we always seem to forget something)

From there we headed back to Marple, then chucked the bikes in the back of the car before heading to the Polocini Cafe for  refreshments.

30K today in the sunshine on Strava.

Tomorrow all being well Minipips is going to his first proper cyclo-cross race down in Derby.


  1. So not only did he go riding with the 'big boys' he rode a cyclo-cross bike and they had the addvantage of suspension and big tyres??? Hardcore!

    oh and new mountain bike???

  2. Some had suspension, most on singlespeeds though.

    His main disadvantage was semi slicks.

    Newish mountain bike - ebay tempted me. :)