Monday, July 27, 2015

#RaphaRising 2015

This was the third time we'd taken on the Rapha Rising climbing challenge. This year the target was 9366 metres, and there were 9 days in which to complete it.

Tom ambitiously thought it might be possible to do it one ride, and so it was we left the house near midnight on day one to start the challenge.

We drove a short way from home to leave the car packed with food and drink as a feed station, and then embarked on riding reps up Holme Moss. 3.5K at a steady 8%.

It was a clear night.With our Exposure lights providing more than enough light.

....and it did not seem to be long before dawn was on its way.

The weather played nice and dawn soon turned to sunshine. We were also joined by Alison, who brought coffee, and who rode with us for a while. Tim also did a couple of reps with us.

The obligatory summit picture.

After 19 reps, 4,932 metres and 122 kilometres, Tom's knees were getting sore, so we headed home for the day.

Next day, Sunday, a recovery ride, 495 metres and a visit to  the pub.

Day 3 and another easy ride of a few reps up a local hill. 549 metres.

Day 4, 616 metres and some peculiar local art.

Day 5. An after school ride taking in some of the local classics including Winnnats Pass. 1149 metres.

Day 6 dawned and we resolved to finish the challenge.

9 hill reps of Highgate road and a bridleway gave us 1669 metres.

After 7 reps Tom was desperate for food though. We just made the chip shop in time.

A grand total of 9410 metres. Challenge completed!