Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Rapha #Festive500 Day (night) 1.

This is the third year Tom and I have decided to take up the challenge of riding 500 Kms between the 24th and the 31st of December.

We like hearing other peoples stories from the #festive500, and one in particular caught Tom's eye, and indeed took the top spot in last years Rapha competition.

The story of four riders who set out to do the 500 Kms all in one ride!

Tom says "Can we do that?" to which I replied "No!" The only reason I said no, was that he can't yet ride fast enough to do the 500 Kms without missing more than one nights sleep.

Undeterred, (as usual) Tom says, "Well, can we start at midnight and see how far we can ride?" To which I reply "Yes". I thought, that if we did a good few miles, then we could have a day off on Xmas Day, which would mean unlike last year we wouldn't be late for Xmas dinner.

I made a plan, similar to when I did a few hill reps this summer. We would park the car up which contained food, drink and warm clothes. Ride, refuel, repeat.

We parked at Parsley Hay, which is at the junction of the High Peak, and the Tissington trails. After a bit of faffing, we left around 12:20 am.

It was raining, windy, cold, and unsurprisingly dark.

We headed first down the High Peak trail. Tom was loving it.

 At the first incline, we turned round and reversed our route to the car. Car heater on, it was time for tea and some hot food.

 Refuelled, we headed out again. The rain had stopped now, and we were treated to a sky full of stars.

Time passed quickly, and the early signs of dawn came.

By the time we made it back to Parsley Hay the sun was nearly up.

Another few miles, and we were done, just as the sun was rising in the distance.

A bit thanks to our mate James who lent us his Exposure Lights for the night.

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