Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rapha #festive500 Part 7. Strava Challenge Run 20+13 Day 5

The last day for both challenges today, and there are miles needed for both of them.

 Fell shoes on first, and up the Knott.

A schoolboy error on my part, we'd not taken waterproofs.

By the time we had gotten home we were soaked to the skin, though thankfully still warm.

A quick change of kit and we are back on the road to Pomeroy, and then on to the High Peak trail.


 Muddy too.

Slightly downhill on the way back though.

A top day out.


  1. Awesome, well done and happy new year!

  2. Thanks Tim. We hope you have a great New Year too.

  3. What an inspiration! Well done to you both.