Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rapha Rising Day 5.

Ride 1.

Up Highgate Road again. I'm beginning to really dislike this hill. It's 2 minutes from home, and kicks up steeply from the bottom, so we're never warmed up for it.

Back into the village then, puncture number two of the week. Just what you need when you're short of time.

Only time for one more hill now, we headed up Sitch Lane then up past Barking Dog farm.

We arrived home with 5 minutes to spare before leaving for school.

322 metres on Strava.

Ride 2.

I'd felt ill most of the day, maybe a bit dehydrated, but whatever, I did not want to go out riding.

Instead we bought a load of biscuits, cake and Coke to scoff, and settled down to watch the last bit of Le Tour.

Once it had finished we set out on our bikes with half hearted intent on my part.

Eating and drinking all that rubbish was obviously just what I needed, as soon I felt the best I had all day.

Minipips as ever just keeps on plodding up the hills though.

The highlight of the ride was the climb from Coombs up to Castle Naze. It looks on the map as if it'll be innocuous but it's a harsh mile of climbing. Minipips rode it all.

1039 metres of climbing.

Tomorrow, a lie in. Only 668 metres to go now.

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