Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rapha Rising Day 3.

Both of us struggled to get up this morning, so we'd not a lot of time for our first ride of the day.

Still we made the best of the time we had, and did an out and back on the Pennine Bridleway out towards South Head.

213m of ascent on Strava

Ride 2.

A swifter get away after school today, but wow the weather was hot. We didn't rush anywhere once riding.

Super dry trails meant traction was often tricky on the rocky bits.

We couldn't resist a visit to the top of the hill, which is slightly off piste.

Once one makes exceptions, I guess you can ride where you like though. ;)

643 metres done this afternoon with all the climbs off road. Over 50% done now. Strava says Minipips at 8 years old has a current rank in the Rapha Rising: La Centième of 1596/20746.

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