Monday, February 25, 2013

The Polocini Winter Sprinter.

Yesterday was our first long ride together of 2013. The event - The Polocini Winter Sprinter.

There were two routes on offer, one of 30 miles and one of 60 miles, which is the one we opted for.

From the event start at Woodford, we headed off a bit earlier than everyone else, so we weren't late back. The first 38 miles as far as the feed station were mostly flat apart from Swiss Hill.

Swiss Hill appraently has a bit of a reputation for being fierce, and at times unrideable. However I had recently fitted a 34 tooth max cassette to Minipips bike, so he made it to the top no problem, spinning away, sat in his saddle. (see footnote).

The feed station had lots of hot soup and cake which we were both ready for.

From the feed station, the course started undulating, and we noticed that there were at times a head wind. Definitely the harder part of the day.

6 hours and 37minutes after our start, we rolled back in to event HQ.

I was quite pleased that we'd maintained a decent moving average speed too. This bodes well for when we do some Audaxes later in the year.

A well organised event, with a course which is mostly on quiet roads. Great to see lots of the usual suspects out riding too.

I'm no scientist, but to me it makes sense to make climbing hills for kids as easy as possible. Whilst they're young, grinding up hills on the equivalent of 42:21 can't do there joints any good, plus it's far more tiring for them. Unless they're bike has a triple chainset, get the biggest cassette you can on the back.

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