Monday, February 4, 2013

The Polocini Hill Climb

I've mentioned the Polocini Coffee Shop before on here. Well in addition to making fine cakes and coffee, they also organise cycle events.

Yesterday they debuted their first hill climb, at the nearby Cowlishaw Road.

My lad wanted to enter and had is own special disclaimer form that I had to sign.

The weather was not particularly pleasant but we warmed up on the mile ride from the cafe to the start.

The hill climb is about 1.2 Km long. It starts off quite flat before kicking sharply at a 1 in 5 gradient, then relenting slightly before a fast slightly downhill finish.

Minipips set off just before me, and I'd warned him not to go too fast at the start. I passed him just as the road started to rise up, with more words of encouragement.

Some 4 minutes after I made the finish, Minipips rolled up too.

(Photo Courtesy of Chris Wilkinson, who took lots more hill climb photos)

He's never actually made it up a 20% climb before.

What was also good about this event is that there were two other kids taking part too.

Afterwards, we dropped back down into Romiley avoiding patches of ice on the road, before adjourning back to the Coffee Shop for a free Coffee and Cake.

Not bad for a fiver eh?

Results below.

Bookmark this link to keep up to date with the other Cyclosportives Polocini organise.

One last note, not only do Polocini encourage kids to take part in their events. If they are under 16 and accompanied by a parent, they ride free.

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