Sunday, January 6, 2013

Derby Cyclo-Cross Under 8 Race.

I'd been chatting to a mate of mine recently who was a pro rider and still is a race winner.

He said it's great what Minipips has been doing, but make sure he doesn't develop into a diesel with no top end. A Super Touriste.

I've thought about this the last couple of weeks, and though I don't really want him to get into the racing thing just yet, I thought it would be interesting to see against his peers how Minipips would fare in "short and fast".

So this Sunday we had a drive down to Derby so he could have a bash at the Cycle Derby Races for Yougsters He would take part in the Under 8 Cyclo-Cross race.

He had a practice ride round the course and thought it easy. All good so far.

As the under 10s lined up, he did too on the other side of the track.

When they set off, he did too, and by the first bend he was just about level with the race leader. A nice little confidence booster.

For his race he got what we thought was a good start position.

When the commissaire said GO though something didn't go to plan. He got a little jostle, and had to unclip. A few seconds were lost before getting clipped back in again.

Pictured here far left, just in frame.

For the rest of the 3 1/2 lap race he had to play catch up, wending his way through traffic.

He finished 5/23 which he was quite pleased with.

He's lots to learn if he wants to do better at races. There were some talented kids there today.

 All in good time though. We'll stick with sometimes "spriniting for signs" for now.

We stayed for a bit to watch the older kids racing. Nice to see a fellow Hayfield resident taking the U12 win.

PS. I found out afterwards that it was OK for younger kids to ride in older age categories at this event (though they wouldn't get prizes). This would have meant he could have ridden in more than one race, which would have given him more race experience, and made the drive more worthwhile.

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